A healthy lawn is achieved when all of its needs are working in harmony. iCare can help manage the process for you.

Lawn Treatments & Mowing

iCare Lawn Care is committed to using great lawn treatment products, and performing treatments at the right times of year, to help you achieve a lush, green, beautiful lawn.

Lawn Food: Like any plant, grass needs food too. A good fertilization program does more then just green up a lawn, it encourages deep root growth, which thickens turf, improves soil chemistry to help grass thrive, and breaks down slowly, feeding your lawn for a longer period of time between applications. The thicker your turf, the less weeds you’ll experience, and as a result, less chemicals become necessary.

Weed and Pest Control: A good weed control product, applied responsibly, will help address and reduce weed populations. Additional products are available for controlling insects and lawn disease.

Proper Watering: Watering is also crucial in having a healthy lawn. iCare Lawn Care has often helped clients program their watering systems to achieve this goal.

Correct Mowing: Healthy turf begins with mowing your lawn with sharp blades, clean and balanced mowing decks, and at the proper mowing height for your turf species.

Mother Nature has a mind of her own, and weather can be unpredictable. Heat and or significant rain will stir up weeds where grass is most absent and or thin. If you can see dirt, a weed can grow. Just know:

“Where a weed can grow, grass can grow better.”

iCare Lawn Care is committed partnering with our clients — proper mowing, watering, using excellent products, and stubborn weed or failing turf areas — to achieve the beautiful lawn you desire.

Timing is everything when it comes to an effective lawn treatment program. iCare Lawn Care visits your home 6 or more times per year to address different needs your lawn will have. Our timing is flexible around rain and severe heat.

Allowing iCare Lawn Care to perform other maintenance benefits the lawn treatment client. With more frequent visits for things like mulching, flower bed cleanups and aeration, we are able to provide more timely feedback on what you can do to achieve your desired results. Discovering lawn disease, and insect damage early is critical to effective treatment.

The iCare Lawn Treatment Program

Step 1 and 2: Crab grass prevention in both April and May, instead of just one application per season, ensuring a longer “blanket of protection.” Crab grass begins germinating once ground temperatures warm in late March to early April, with annual crab grass (and other grassy weeds) reaching full maturity between June and July. Application timing is critical in preventing grassy weeds from germinating. During both steps, we also address those pesky spring weeds such as Dandelions.

Step 3: applied in early July, and Step 4: applied in late August to early September: We begin applying our organic fertilization program by Clarus, called Screamin’ Green. By late June the lawn has used up most of its food source applied in winter and early spring. These applications help the turf survive summer heat, and when watered stay greener. These applications also assist in recovering a lawn from the stressful heat of summer once temperatures cool.

Optional Turf insect pre and post infestation: Grubs, fleas, ticks and beetles can be controlled with this option.

Optional Lawn diseases pre and post remediation are at times necessary to rescue failing turf, or help prevent future issues. Lawn disease can occur throughout different times of the season as a result of temperature, improper watering and mowing, and Mother Nature’s weather conditions. While not every lawn disease requires remediation, we work with clients to correct the problem if disease should arise.

Step 5: Applied in October is the most important weed control application performed. Many weeds resurface during this time to store sugars necessary to survive winters. Applying a blanket spray of weed control at this time kills weeds that would normally surface in spring.

Step 6: Applied after the grass is dormant, and no longer being mowed, usually in mid to late November. It provides the lawn its food source it uses during to vigorous growth of spring. It’s the most important feeding of the season, often referred to as a winterizing application.

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Lawn Repair, Aeration, Seeding & Sod

iCare Lawn Care is a full service company that does not stop at simply treating lawns.

Each season, various conditions can cause issues for turf that need repair or remediation. iCare offers the following services to assist achieve the best results possible.


Whether you have bare spots, dips in the turf, uneven growth, or insect damage, we can help!

Core Aeration

Core aeration is best performed in fall and accompanied with overseeding. Aeration canhelp make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements by:

  • Improving air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
  • Enhancing soil water absorption, and reducing water runoff and puddling
  • Improving fertilizer uptake and use
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Encouraging stronger turfgrass roots
  • Improving tolerance to heat and drought stress
  • Assisting in thatch breakdown


Thatch is a layer between the grass and the soil made up of accumulated dead and living grass shoots, stems, crowns, and roots. It creates a barrier between the soil and the green grass above. A thin layer of thatch is good—about a half-inch Up to 1”, helps maintain steady soil moisture and temperature. It becomes problematic when it’s thicker.

Thatch can harm lawns in the following ways:

  • It’s difficult for water to penetrate a thick thatch layer, causing water to run off instead of soaking in.
  • It can harbor insects and lawn diseases.
  • Grass can grow within the thatch layer instead of the soil, producing shallow root systems and exposing it to greater temperature extremes.
  • Thatch can block air, nutrients, and pesticides from reaching the roots.

iCare offers dethatching services upon analysis and request. Often annual core aeration is sufficient to eliminate thatch.


Over seeding is a recommended service typically performed late August when temperatures are cooler, and rain isn’t as heavy as spring or summer. Fall offers the best environment to grow grass from seed.

When iCare Lawn Care overseeds a lawn, we use premium grass seed that matches your existing lawn. It is especially beneficial to incorporate new seed because new varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass are discovered every year. These “cultivars” each have a particular strength: resistance to disease, pests, drought or traffic. Having a mix of varieties of the same grass makes it more likely that your lawn will be attractive all season long.


For those wanting to remove a flower bed, repair a larger area of turf, or attempt to start a lawn in spring or summer, sod can at times be the perfect solution. Sod requires more water, needs to be aerated the first year to bond the sod farms soil to your lawns, and is often only available in a singular grass variety (100% blue grass or tall fescue), and may not 100% match your turf. However, for those wanting instant results, that can commit to watering until bound to the soil below, sod is a great solution. During warmer months this is often your best option.

Reach out today for a free lawn analysis, and prescribed solution to assisting in solving any eyesores within your turf!

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

iCare Lawn Care offers an extensive menu of maintenance options with the knowledge of the best time of year to perform them.

Spring Clean-Ups

Often include removing residual leaves from winter, clear window wells of debris, cut back fountain grasses left over winter, cutting back spent hostas, select perennials, and lastly carefully pruning non flowering shrubs by removing spent blooms from the prior season.

Mid-Season Hedging, Pruning, & Weed-Pulling/Spraying

By June many shrubs such as burning bush begin looking overgrown, and lilac is done blooming for the year. Heat and rain make weeding a chore which we can do for you.

Fall/Winter Clean-Ups

Clients that love to decorate for halloween, host and celebrate Thanksgiving, and or add fall mums, cabbage/kale, and fall pansies, to their landscape, often prefer their flower beds cleaned prior to all leaves falling from their trees.

  • Fall and winter are great times to prune back shrubs that are dormant
  • Prune low hanging tree limbs
  • Cut back hostas and select perennial flowers
  • Cut back fountain grasses
  • Removing debris from flower beds and window wells

iCare Lawn Care fall clean ups include hauling your flower bed debris to a facility that recycles it into compost, top soil or mulch.

Hiring a team knowledgeable on what to cut back, and prune, in fall/winter is crucial to your plants’ health:

  • Not all shrubs are the same and iCare Lawn Care is careful to hedge and prune each correctly.
  • Some shrubs grow from old wood and should only be lightly pruned for shape and to remove spent flower blooms
  • Other shrubs like being cut down low to the ground, as new stem growth emerges annually instead of on old wood.
  • When hedging or pruning shrubs iCare does not treat all shrubs the same, to ensure a healthy plant with beautiful blooms.

Lastly, iCare Lawn Care is flexible in how to manage your leaves within your lawn, until all have dropped from the trees. Because fall clean ups often occur prior to Halloween, we offer leaf services to suit tyou budget and desire for leaf clean up:

  • Weekly leaf cleanup – the best option to keep your lawn beautiful all fall. Prevents wet leaves from clumping and causing bare spots in your grass. Ensures feeding and weed applications have their maximum effect.
  • Single clean-up visit after all leaves have dropped.
  • Schedule multiple visits to address leaves as they blanket the turf and litter the flower beds throughout the holiday and winter season.

iCare Lawn Care is here to help beautify and maintain your property from start to finish. Request a free estimate today.

Hardscape Design & Installation

  • Customizable Paver and Flagstone Patios and Walkways for outdoor living
  • Retaining walls with pillars and Lighting
  • Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits
  • Patio Grill inserts
  • Stone and pavers steps
  • Stone and rock designs

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Landscape Design & Installation

  • Mulch delivery and installation
  • Planting spring and fall annual flowers
  • Flower bed design and installation
  • Tree and shrub delivery and installation
  • Shrub and small tree removal
  • Burying gutter downspouts away from your home’s foundation
  • Paver patio design and construction.
  • Landscape lighting design and installation.
  • … and more! Just ask. If we can’t perform the service, we’ll provide you with a referral.

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Homeowner Association and Commercial Landscape Maintenance

iCare will handle all of your HOA & commercial property landscape management needs. Our priority is reducing the number of times you need to visit the property, while keeping your residents happy. Property Management Companies, Homeowner Associations and Condominium Associations have trusted iCare for years for these services:

  • Mowing, trimming, weeding and watering on a weekly schedule
  • Lawn treatments for lush, green, weed-free common areas
  • Large-scale mulch installations and leaf cleanups
  • Restore, redesign and reconstruct entrance and clubhouse landscaping
  • Flower installations for spring and fall
  • Holiday lighting design and installation
  • Identifying and resolving property issues like fallen trees or fence damage
  • Also available for residential estate properties of 2 or more acres!

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